Provide Liquidity

You are a DeFi user in search of yield. Perhaps a project you're familiar with is sponsoring a liquidity mining program and you want to participate. Alternatively, you may have simply navigated to xToken Terminal in search of yield opportunities.
Before going any further, please make sure your wallet is connected. We support MetaMask and WalletConnect and will be adding more wallet support soon.
Step #1: Select a network
Terminal's Mining app is deployed on any network where you can find Uniswap V3. This currently includes Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon.
In the toggle at the top right of the navigation, select the network where you want to provide liquidity. There will be different opportunities available based on which network you're connected to.
Step #2: Select a pool
You can discover active pools on the Discover tab in the Mining app. A sponsoring project may also provide a direct link to their pool. In all circumstances, it is essential that you do your own research on the specific pool and sponsors, while also being familiar with the risks of being an LP.
Click on a pool in Discover or navigate directly to the pool's details page.
Step #3: Open Deposit modal
Click on the rectangular Deposit button on the pool details page. This should open a modal.
Step #4: Enter deposit amounts
Enter an amount in the first token input. Ensure you are holding a balance in that token exceeding the input amount. The UI will calculate the required deposit amount in the second token based on the current Uniswap V3 position of the pool. We have a section in Pool FAQs that provides some insight into how the amounts of each token are calculated. In simple terms, the relative amount of each token to deposit is a function of 1) the current price ratio of the two tokens and 2) the liquidity price range for the incentivized Terminal pool.
Step #5: Approve each deposit token
You'll need to run the ERC20 approve function for each token in order to deposit into the pool. Please do not close the modal or exit the browser view while these transactions are processing.
Step #6: Deposit!
Once the deposit transaction confirms, you're good to go. Assuming there is an active rewards program, you will immediately begin earning rewards.