Create Fungible LP Token

LP Token Minter
It current costs 0.2e to mint an LP token via this feature, similar to deploying a rewards pool. However, we are keen to waive or reduce this fee for projects building use cases that excite us. Get in touch on Discord!
We've introduced a new pool type to our Mining app, where anyone can permissionlessly create a fungible, composable Uniswap V3 LP position. While our Mining app has mostly served users who are looking to fund liquidity incentive programs directly on Terminal, this new feature allows a user to mint an LP token and then build their own liquidity programs, rewards infrastructure or custom strategies on their own terms.
Using this feature, anyone can mint an ERC20 LP token representing a customized (choose your pool and price range) Uniswap V3 position. This LP token is fungible and composable with any other smart contract.
Once you've deployed the pool, you'll be minted LP tokens. Anyone can come and deposit to this pool and all liquidity is fungible. The LP tokens minted represent a share of the pool, much like a Uniswap V2 position.
The instructions you need to access this feature can be found on the Create Pool page. The one distinction for this use case is that you will not follow Steps #9 and #10 and instead, during the rewards configuration step, you will check a box indicating that this pool does not include rewards payouts.
Note that removal of *all* remaining liquidity in a pool will close the position and render the pool unusable. If you intend to use a pool in the future, make sure not to remove the liquidity you initially seeded.