(Capital) Origination

Deploy your token sale in a few easy steps
Note: while we charge a feefor deploying on Origination, we are happy to reduce/eliminate it for projects/integrations with interesting use cases. Get in touch.
Our second app on Terminal is called Origination. Origination provides a flexible architecture for financing and capital markets. Some potential use cases include:
  • Public token program/sale
  • Private token program/sale
  • Hybrid public/private token program/sale
  • Olympus Pro-style liquidity bonding
  • A merger transaction or other type of M&A
  • Crowdfunding, a la Kickstarter
Some of the configurable options available to pool creators on Origination:
  • Pick any token to offer for the program
  • Pick any token to accept from contributors
  • Assign a whitelist, with a max token allocation per address
  • Set duration of allowlist and public period
  • Set a dynamic price formula for allowlist and/or public periods
  • Set vesting and cliff period for token unlocks
Some of the key features available on Origination:
  • Transferable, composable vesting NFT: build on top of the vesting NFT that users receive when contributing to a program with vesting period (read more at bottom of this post)
  • Composable and programmatic: Hook your protocol up to Origination and have instant access to a variety of configurable capital markets options
Get in touch with us in Discord (Connect with xToken) if you have any technical questions or would just like some guidance or a demo. We'd be happy to help.