(Capital) Origination
Deploy your token sale in a few easy steps
This section of our docs is under construction
Our second app on Terminal is called Origination. Origination provides a flexible architecture for raising capital. Some potential use cases include:
  • Public token sale
  • Private token sale
  • Hybrid public/private token sale
  • Olympus Pro-style liquidity bonding
  • A merger transaction or other type of M&A
  • Crowdfunding, a la Kickstarter
Some of the configurable options available to pool creators on Origination:
  • Pick any token to offer for sale
  • Pick any token to accept from investors
  • Assign a whitelist, with a max token allocation per address
  • Set duration of whitelist and public sale
  • Set a dynamic price formula for whitelist and/or public sale periods
  • Set vesting and cliff period for token unlocks
  • Set rewards amount(s) and program duration(s)
  • Configure a vesting period on rewards (optional)
Some of the key features available to investors on Mining:
  • Discover active liquidity mining programs
  • Deposit liquidity and immediately begin earning rewards
  • Assurance that pool sponsors have not inserted any malicious code into their staking rewards contracts
Get in touch with us in Discord (Connect with xToken) if you have any technical questions or would just like some guidance or a demo. We'd be happy to help.
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