XTK Launch Challenge

Xavier's Story
​When we launched the XTK Launch Challenge in March, we knew what our mascot looked like but we didn’t know his name or his story. Our creative community came to the rescue and Xavier the money-robot butler was officially born.
name: X-pert his mom is an astronaut and his papa is a ninja. he is mastering all kinds of staking strategies. X-pert believe in defi gonna change how we live, and he here to stay to help you reach financial freedom
XAVIER (#xToken Automated Value Increase Efficiency Robot) is your personal money-robot butler built by the @xtokenmarket xTeam Let Xavier wrap your #DeFi tokens into #xTokens & relax while he compounds your gains, simplifies your taxes & lowers your stress
Imagine an island in the Ocean with its white sandy beaches and crystalclear warm water. Here you find a unique purple Café, you walk in, and Xii welcomes you friendly:
"Hello Ape, welcome to the http://xToken.Cafe, Please choose a pool"
His twin brother, Xxx is looking for him... he wants to hack and drain all of Xii's pools! But Xii has got some strong audit shields around his café... will this be enough, to stop Xxx the hacker?
1/ Introducing the XLAYER – Origin: Born in the chaos of DEFI and horrendous ETH gas price season. Skills: Slays Fees, Compounds Returns, Simplifies taxes, Slays stress. If you are a smol bag holder of SNX, AAVE, 1INCH tokens and have the tokens sitting idle due to the
2/ Eth tx costs, contract your worries out to XLAYER @xtokenmarket and chill out. The XLAYER shall do the REST. Bonus: You can also choose to participate in governance without associated costs.
Name: SeFo (set + forget)
Origin: Satoshi created SeFo by wrapping it in a black jinbei. Satoshi taught SeFo how to wrap items such that SeFo could wrap the best DeFi governance tokens and the DeFi users could once and for all set and forget.
How Xtick the mascot algorithms shape our experience of the real world? Powers, exponents cubes and squares.
Forged at MAThLAB, vector of increasing increments on the specified axes. Set or query Xtick values [email protected]
Presenting AXEL:
Automated XToken
Efficient & Legit
The spark of light to guide you through the cold dark winter of DeFi gas prices