Welcome to the xToken docs. In these pages, you'll find:
  • a brief history of the project
  • user guides for xToken Terminal
  • an overview of the XTK token
  • links for where to find us
  • other miscellaneous details on the project
But first, who are we?
xToken is a team of 12 full-time and part-time contributors dedicated to building the comprehensive capital markets platform for Web3.
Since we launched in July 2020, we've served thousands of DeFi users and partnered with some of the most dynamic protocols in the space. For most of our history, we were known for building native staking (e.g., xSNX, xBNT, xAAVE) and liquidity (xU3LP) strategies. We processed over $300 million in primary volume across our funds, peaking at $150 million in TVL. During the time we spent building an asset management platform, we learned an incredible amount about the DeFi space and the critical needs of the projects operating within it.
As of early 2022, we are focused on a new mission for the protocol, dubbed xToken 2.0. Drawing on our experience and perspective in the space, the entirety of the team's focus is directed at our new platform, xToken Terminal.
The vision for Terminal is to build a capital markets and liquidity management platform designed for DeFi management teams. Without drawing too much of a parallel to the old paradigm, we want to empower projects to be their own CFOs and investment bankers.
In the course of launching and growing a protocol, we've found that most projects rely on a common set of "primitives" -- financial operations designed to raise capital or bootstrap liquidity, among other intents. The most common of these is known as liquidity mining, a technique where a project will pay out rewards in one token to users who are willing to deposit liquidity in another token or pair of tokens.
Our vision for Terminal is to give projects seamless and permissionless access to these primitives. By standardizing and enhancing these common financial methods -- as well as building some novel ones
-- we believe Terminal can become the go-to capital markets platform for Web3. Continue through these docs or join us in Discord to learn more.
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